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10 Best Diabetic Sandals for Women: What to Look For and How to Stay Healthy

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about diabetic sandals and which ones are the…(continue reading)

If you are diabetic, then you know that it is important to take care of your feet.

Knowing what footwear to wear when you have diabetes is a very important thing that can help you relieve or avoid some diabetic symptoms.

One of the best ways to do that is by wearing diabetic sandals as they can help to protect your feet from potential injuries, provide relief, and can also be easy to take on and off if you have mobility issues.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about diabetic sandals and which ones are the best for you.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition in which your body does not produce enough insulin, or your body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces which can lead to high blood sugar levels.

Glucose, which is also called blood sugar, is vital to your health because it is an important source of energy for your cells and your body’s main source for it is from breaking down the food and drink you ingest.

However, too much glucose in your blood can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes. Insulin is a hormone that helps glucose get into your cells to give them energy.

Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in childhood and is caused by your liver not producing enough insulin.

While type 2 diabetes is most commonly diagnosed in adulthood and involves your cells becoming insulin resistant which causes elevated blood sugar levels.

If left untreated, diabetes can cause serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and blindness.

How does wearing the right footwear help diabetes?

One common complication of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy, which is nerve damage in your arms and legs due the high blood glucose levels.

Wearing proper diabetic footwear can help alleviate diabetic neuropathy by protecting your feet from further damage.

Diabetic shoes and footwear are designed to protect your feet and lower limbs from the stress of walking and standing, as well as provide proper cushioning to avoid pressure points.

In addition, diabetic shoes often have a wide toe box to accommodate for swelling and custom orthotics to support your feet.

Mayo Clinic Minute: 5 steps to diabetic foot care

What are the best diabetic sandals for women?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best diabetic sandals for women such as support, cushioning, personal style preference, and protection.

Here are ten of the best diabetic sandals for women:

Orthofeet Pain Relief Sandals

These sandals are designed for women with diabetic neuropathy and other foot problems such as plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

They have a soft, orthotic insole that provides cushioning and support while also having two adjustable straps which can be useful if your feet swell throughout the day.

The pain relief sandals are also made with a fabric that wicks moisture away and also prevents odor.

Arch Support Sandals for Women, Ideal for Heel and Foot Pain Relief. Therapeutic Design with Arch Support, Arch Booster, Cushioning Ergonomic Sole & Extended Widths - Malibu by Orthofeet
  • Premium orthotic insoles help relieve common foot pain & plantar fasciitis
  • Two-Way strap system offers easy On/Off
  • Soft, padded fabric interior eliminates irritation
  • Supple synthetic upper enhances comfort
  • Cushioning PU sole with a mild Rocker adds spring to your step

Propét Women’s Breeze Walker Sandals

The Propét Women’s Breeze Walker Sandals are not only made for diabetics but also available in 11 different colors. You have three different adjustable straps which provide the ultimate in comfort and support while also having a slingback design.

The foam padded insole comes with a microfiber fabric sock lining while the outsole is made of polyethylene which provides the utmost durability.

If shoes are often too narrow for you, these offer a large selection of widths to provide you with the utmost comfort although they may not be the best option if you have flat feet.

Propet Women's Breeze Walker Sandal, Black Pearl, 5
  • Sling-back sandal designed with three adjustable straps for a great fit
  • Lazy foam conforms to the shape of the foot and quickly rebounds for like new comfort with every wear
  • Cushioning PU provides durable wear for lasting walking comfort
  • Ortholite, removable footbed

Orthofeet Verona Closed Toe Women’s Sandals

Orthofeet is a shoe company that manufactures shoes if you have problems with your feet. The orthotic insole offers arch support that can be customized with an arch support insert called an “arch booster”. Extra cushioning on the heel is also present if you suffer from heel pain.

The wide toe box also offers superior comfort if you have wide feet, bunions, or hammertoes. Blisters are also not a worry as the heel strap is padded and the fabric upper can stretch to help conform to the shape of your foot.

Orthofeet also provides “spacers” which can help are 1/8″ or 1/4″ thick and can make the shoes feel more snug or provide extra depth to give your feet more room.

Dr. Comfort Breeze Diabetic Casual Sandals

The Breeze Sandals from Dr. Comfort feet an open-air design to allow maximum airflow to your feet while providing comfort.

There is a single, adjustable, contact closure strap that is easy to adjust and provides you with ease of taking them on and off.

The full-grain leather is durable and has a protective toe box to help you prevent stubbing your toes.

Your heels will also be very comfortable due to the padded heel which also helps to give you both medial and lateral support.

Dr. Comfort Women's Breeze Diabetic Fisherman Style Sandal: Black 4 Medium (A/B)
  • WOMEN’S CASUAL SANDAL - A casual, modern sandal with an open-air design that delivers comfort and cooling.
  • FULL-GRAIN LEATHER - Durable leather that helps prevent skin irritation and helps keep the foot comfortable during long hours of wear
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT - Adjustable contact closure allows for easy adjustability and personalized comfort.
  • OPEN-AIR DESIGN - Breathable, open design to keep feet cool and dry
  • PROTECTIVE TOE BOX - Protective toe box provides extra protection from toe stubbing

Dr. Comfort Shannon Ortho Women’s Diabetic Sandals

If you are looking for a more traditional thong sandal that is easy to slide on and off then the Dr. Comfort Shannon Sandal is just for you.

It features a dual-density midsole and a cushioned footbed for all of your comfort needs.

It is contoured to help with arch support and can be great to wear at the beach, pool, or with outfits for a night on the town.

Vionic Colleen Sandal

The Vionic Colleen Sandal has three adjustable straps that use a hook and loop closure for superior comfort while also looking stylish.

It also features a microfiber footbed and a rubber sole for durability.

The leather strap at your heel is not as padded as other options and it is suggested you break these in first before wearing them for a long time.

Vionic offers these sandals in several different styles to suit your individual taste.

Drew Cascade Women’s Comfort Sandal

Drew is a shoe company that specializes in orthopedic and medical shoes which makes them a great option for diabetics.

The Cascade style sandal offers three adjustable straps, one at your toe, another at your vamp (the front of your ankle), and one at your heel.

All of the straps are padded to help provide relief from chafing and blisters. There is also a removable suede footbed with an EVA wedge midsole for necessary orthotic support.

Drew Women's Cascade Barefoot Freedom Casual Comfortable Sandal with Removable Footbed Sand 5 M US
  • Removable, Polyurethane Comfort Footbed with Sueded Topcover and Metatarsal Support
  • Soft, Stretchable Fabric Lining with Lightweight, Rubber Outsole with EVA Wedge Midsole
  • Tempered Steel Shank For Protection and Hook and Loop Fastened Footbed for Adjustable Support and Comfort
  • Adjustable Top and Heel Straps For the Perfect Fit
  • Removable Footbed Accommodates Prescribed Orthotics

Oasis Zoey Sandal

The Zoey style is lightweight while providing some coverage of the foot with the upper while having some holes that can give your feet airflow.

There are hook and loop fastening straps at the vamp and on your heel and there are multiple width sizes to help give you the perfect fit for your feet.

A removable foam foot spacer can be taken out so you can place your own orthotics in the sole of the sandal if necessary.

Unlike some of the other sandals shown, the Zoey Sandal is Medicare approved to help with diabetic neuropathy.

TBBY Women’s Mules Clogs

A style that we haven’t covered yet is the clog which can be used for workwear, wearing around the house, or a trip to the beach.

The TBBY Women’s Mule Clogs are both affordable and stylish while coming standard with a mesh upper that can stretch for comfort and give your feet some airflow.

Due to being a clog, there is no back but there is one adjustable strap across the middle of your foot. Finally, the sole has an air cushion to help prevent and treat pain if you have to stand for long periods of time.

TBBY Mules Clogs for Women,Casual Air Cushion Platform Mesh Mules Sneaker Sandals for Female Lightweight Beach Shoes Outdoor Slippers Walking Shoes Madam Pink
  • Sandals for women:Mesh Fabric MD + Air Cushion sole
  • Boxed toe for toe stands,super lightweight and flexible just like socks,breathable and smooth fabric provide great freedom and comfortable feeling. walking sandals for women .Let you enjoy your travel on holidays.
  • MD out-sole with air cushion.High-quality PU materail is non-slip and wear-resistant sandals for women.Platform measures approximately 1.96''
  • Perforated arch for ventilation and breathability.Classic air cushion design makes these shoes are perfect work shoes for those who needs to stand or walk for long time.
  • These shoes are suitable for any daily used,such as:long time standing work,walking,casual,floor shoes,nurse shoes,plantar fasciitis,fishing,nursing,dress,shopping,gardening,travel,athletic,workout,slip on tennis shoes for women.

Propét TravelActiv FT Sandals

Propét offers these thong sandals in a variety of different widths, which is often hard to find in this style if you have wide feet.

They are lightweight with a microfiber lining and can easily be slipped on and off in this open-toe design. The EVA sole is very durable and has a deep tread for traction. It is also contoured and comes in a variety of colors to match any style.


There are a lot of diabetic sandal options available on the market and we have just shown you some of the best.

Look for diabetic shoes that offer the best options for you whether they are open-toe, closed-toe, or allow room for custom orthotics if necessary.

With so many different styles available there is sure to be one that meets both your needs and your sense of style.

Fact Checked and Editorial Process is devoted to producing expert and accurate articles and information for our readers by hiring experts, journalists, medical professionals, and our growing community. We encourage you to read more about our content, editing, and fact checking methods here. This was fact checked by Jacqueline Hensler and medically reviewed by Dr. Angel Rivera. 

fact checked and medically reviewed

We are committed to providing our readers with only trusted resources and science-based studies with regards to medication and health information. 

Disclaimer: This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. If you suspect medical problems or need medical help or advice, please talk with your healthcare professional.

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