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Dexcom Reviews: A Good Way To Monitor Glucose Levels?

One company looking to help individuals with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes better monitor their glucose levels is Dexcom. Their continuous glucose monitoring device, the Dexcom G6, helps individuals stay in control of their diabetes — without the finger pricks. But, does Dexcom’s device measure up to all the other options out thre? Is their system an effective way to monitor glucose levels?

FreeStyle Libre Reviews: Is Their CGM Right For You?

One of the major benefits of the FreeStyle Libre blood glucose meter is that its sensor can be worn at all times on the upper arm, removing the need for painful finger sticking to check for low blood sugar. With its easy-to-use app interface that works on both iPhone or Android, this might be a welcome alternative for many people who are ready for a change in diabetic care.