Jardiance Side Effects on Eyes

In this article, we will explain how Jardiance works, explore the side effects, and answer some frequently asked questions about this medication.

Does Metformin Help with Weight Loss?

In this article, we will answer all of your questions about metformin and weight loss while we discuss how metformin works, the side effects of metformin, and how much metformin costs.

What is The Best Time to Take Tresiba?

Approximately 422 million people worldwide currently have diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, about 10.5 percent of all Americans had diabetes as of 2018. Diabetes is a chronic disease in which blood sugar cannot be processed by the hormone insulin. This results in abnormally high blood glucose levels that can lead to serious health complications like heart attack, blindness or kidney damage if left untreated. Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in childhood and is an autoimmune disease in which the body cannot produce insulin at all.  Type 2 diabetes accounts for more than 80 percent of all cases of diabetes and affects mostly older adults. In type 2 diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin or it produces insulin that does not work properly.  

Why is Januvia So Expensive?

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In these cases, injectable insulin or oral diabetes medications like Januvia, Glucophage, or Glipizide may be prescribed. Januvia is a medication that is designed to help lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when combined with diet and exercise. Although it is the most popular drug in its class, it’s also very pricey. Why is Januvia so expensive?

Common Side Effects of Jardiance

Jardiance does not usually cause hypoglycemia on its own (low sugar), but it can occur when taken in combination with other diabetic medications like insulin or sulfonylurea. Symptoms of hypoglycemia include hunger, sweating, dizziness, nausea, fast heart rate and feeling anxious or shaky. If you experience hypoglycemia, it is important to quickly remedy it with a fast-acting source of glucose like candy or fruit juice.