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Meet Chris Riley

Owner, entrepreneur, and health enthusiast.

Chris is one of the Co-Founders of

An entrepreneur at heart, Chris has been building and writing in consumer health for over 11 years.

In addition to, Chris and his Acme Health LLC Brand Team own and operate,,, and the USA Rx Pharmacy Discount Card powered by

Chris has a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation and is a proud member of the American Medical Writer’s Association (AMWA), the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP), the National Association of Science Writers (NASW), the Council of Science Editors, the Author’s Guild, and the Editorial Freelance Association (EFA).

☝️☝️Over 1,000+ medical, health, and wellness articles and product reviews written in the last 11 years. 

The Origin of Acme Health and

Acme Health was officially created in early 2021, however, has been a collection of consumer health media properties for 10+ years. Acme Health was incorporated in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the first media property that we started to build was

Our mission at Acme Health is to continue to build resources and brands that deliver trustworthy and accurate health information and products to consumers and businesses.

Our initial portfolio contains several disruptive brands and products in the digital health space.

Our growing team of healthcare experts work everyday to create accurate and informative health content in addition to the keeping you up to date on the latest news and research.

10+ Years of Building in Consumer Health Media and Health Tech

Chris had built and grown, a Free Pharmacy Discount Card & Pharmacy Marketplace, since 2012.

With over 300,000 members, USA Rx was able to save consumers at the pharmacy tens of millions of dollars. Members that found the most value in the discount card were those suffering from chronic conditions. This is where was created.

Through USA Rx, Chris learned and experienced first hand the pharmacy and prescription ecosystem in the U.S. Chris works with all the parties involved to continue to fight for more access and cheaper prices for the consumer at the pharmacy.

Chris Riley's Certifications, Memberships and Associations

American Medical Writer’s Association (AMWA)

The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) is the resource for professional medical communicators, promoting excellence in medical communication and providing educational resources in support of that goal. Founded in 1940, AMWA is the leading professional organization for writers, editors, and other communicators of medical information. AMWA’s mission is to promote excellence in medical communication and to provide educational resources in support of that goal.

International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP)

ISMPP’s membership has grown to more 2,200+ with representation from all stakeholders involved in the publication of medical research, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device companies, medical publication and communication agencies, medical journal publishers and editors, and professional medical writers.

National Association of Science Writers (NASW)

The National Association of Science Writers is a community of journalists, authors, editors, producers, public information officers, students and people who write and produce material intended to inform the public about science, health, engineering, and technology. NASW promotes the professional interests of science writers nationally and globally, plays an active role in supporting efforts to ensure writers are paid for their work, and advocates for copyright protections for writers.

Council of Science Editors

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) is an international membership organization for editorial professionals publishing in the sciences. Our purpose is to serve over 800 members in the scientific, scientific publishing, and information science communities by fostering networking, education, discussion, and exchange. Our aim is to be an authoritative resource on current and emerging issues in the communication of scientific information.

Author’s Guild

The Authors Guild is the nation’s oldest and largest professional organization for published writers. Since our founding, we have served as the collective voice of American authors, and have long supported the rich and diverse literary culture of our country. Our members include novelists in all genres and categories, nonfiction writers, journalists, historians, poets, and translators. The Guild welcomes traditionally-published authors as well as self-published, independent authors.

Editorial Freelance Association (EFA)

The EFA is a national not-for-profit —501(c)6— organization, headquartered in New York City, run almost entirely by member volunteers, all of whom are also freelancers. The Board of Governors oversees the EFA’s operations and keeps the membership informed of developments within the association. The EFA’s members, experienced in a wide range of professional skills, live and work all across the United States and in other countries.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

The CFA Institute is a global, not-for-profit professional organization that provides investment professionals with finance education. The institute aims to promote standards in ethics, education, and professional excellence in the global investment services industry.

Articles by Chris Riley

Diabetes Dizziness: Unraveling the Causes and Solutions

We’ve all experienced that light-headed, spinning sensation at some point. It’s disconcerting, to say the least. However, when this feeling becomes a common occurrence for individuals with diabetes, it’s time to take notice and understand why. Diabetes dizziness is not just an inconvenient symptom; it can be a sign of underlying complications associated with this prevalent disease.

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Apple for Diabetes: Uncovering the Potential Health Benefits

When managing diabetes, every bite counts. What we choose to put on our plates can have a significant impact on our blood sugar levels, and ultimately, our overall health. Apples, often hailed as a superfood for their numerous health benefits, are frequently part of the conversation when discussing diabetes-friendly diets.

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Peanut Butter and Diabetes: Unraveling the Connection

Living with diabetes can sometimes feel like walking a dietary tightrope. It’s an ongoing balancing act between what we’d love to eat and what our bodies need us to consume in order to maintain optimal blood sugar levels. One such food item that often raises questions is peanut butter. Is it good or bad for people managing their diabetes?

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Natural Remedy for Diabetes: Exploring Effective Herbal Solutions

When it comes to managing diabetes, we all recognize the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise. But did you know there’s also a range of natural remedies that can help keep your blood sugar levels in check? From everyday spices in your kitchen cupboard to certain types of exercise, these remedies offer an added layer of control over this challenging condition.

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How is Gestational Diabetes Diagnosed: A Comprehensive Guide on the Key Procedures

When it comes to pregnancy, there are several health concerns to be aware of, including the condition known as gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a temporary condition that occurs in certain women during pregnancy. Although it typically disappears after giving birth, it is vital to effectively diagnose and manage it throughout pregnancy to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the baby. Learn more about how is gestational diabetes diagnosed and its importance in pregnancy health.

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Best Supplement for Diabetes: Unveiling the Top Choice for Optimal Health

There’s a growing interest in the role of dietary supplements in managing diabetes. Supplements for diabetes aren’t a cure-all, but they can be part of an overall strategy to keep blood sugar levels in check. We’ll delve into this topic, exploring some of the best supplements to consider if you’re dealing with this increasingly common condition.

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Grapes and Diabetes: Unveiling the Health Connection

Grapes, those tiny orbs of sweet and tangy goodness, are more than just a delicious snack. They’re also packed with essential nutrients that can be beneficial for individuals living with diabetes. Studies indicate that the antioxidants found in grapes may help regulate blood sugar levels, making them an excellent addition to a balanced diet.

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Test for Type 1 Diabetes: Essential Knowledge for Early Detection

Understanding Type 1 diabetes is crucial, not just for those diagnosed with it, but also their loved ones. We’ll discuss what this condition entails and the importance of testing for it. Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin – a hormone needed to allow sugar to enter cells and produce energy.

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Diabetes Awareness: Empowering Ourselves Through Knowledge and Understanding

In a world where health information is readily available at our fingertips, it’s crucial to stay informed about conditions that may affect us or our loved ones. One such condition is diabetes, a disease that impacts millions of people worldwide. It’s not just a number – behind every statistic is a person struggling with blood sugar levels, diet, and lifestyle changes.

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Mediterranean Diet for Diabetes: Our Guide to Managing Blood Sugar Naturally

The “Mediterranean Diet for Diabetes” has emerged as a remarkable choice in our pursuit of healthier lifestyles. Renowned for its emphasis on incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and heart-healthy fats, this diet has garnered significant attention in recent years. What sets it apart is its ability to effectively regulate blood sugar levels, making it a particularly exceptional option for managing diabetes.

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Risk Factors for Diabetes Type 1: Unveiling Hidden Triggers in Your Lifestyle

We’re diving deep into the world of Type 1 Diabetes today, focusing particularly on the risk factors associated with this chronic condition. Often diagnosed in children and young adults, Type 1 Diabetes results from the body’s immune system mistakenly attacking insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. But that begs the question – what triggers this autoimmune response?

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